All of our work is strategic. Hezel Associates effectively ties research to strategy and vice versa. Every strategy project requires data and every research project we do brings you sound strategic recommendations for action.

Our strategic planning process guides your strategy team through the high-level essentials: mission, vision, values, goals to ensure that your thinking and your statements about your organization reflect the closely-held beliefs and practices of the many stakeholders. We look for consistency and statements that communicate value, trust, and forward movement.

When we work with you to plan, to create strategy, to shift your organization into future gear, the work and the plans are based on data and analysis.  We’ll sift through data you already collect for institutional review or we’ll collect new data from your stakeholders, perhaps through surveys or focus groups.

We target on strategic initiatives and action planning. Ultimately, the high-level plan is pretty, with good words to offer your audiences, but, to have value, it must be tied to action. The Hezel Associates team is most effective at shifting from mission and goals to strategic initiatives that drive the entire organization. And from the initiatives comes planning for actions, executed by leaders and teams from across the institution, conducted in a timely way, with measurable outcomes.

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