Consulting to Prioritize the Activities of a Non-Profit

As is the case with many non-profits, a coalition with the mission of improving the literacy of its constituents faced the challenge of limited resources and the need to prioritize activities. To support the coalition, Hezel Associates guided the non-profit through three planning sessions. Each session had a specific focus designed to help organize and prioritize activities of the non-profit. The first session included an alignment exercise, in which we led a facilitated conversation to help the group reaffirm, revisit, and modify the organization’s mission, vision, and goals. The second session built on the success of the first, challenging the group to articulate community needs to set tangible goals. During the final session, Hezel Associates led the coalition through an activity to help develop an action plan, which provided clear, realistic tasks for the non-profit to pursue. At the end of the consulting engagement, the non-profit was well-positioned to engage in further strategic planning and had a roadmap of how to best prioritize activities.