We’re a family of consulting businesses focused on helping organizations assess and improve performance. Monitoring, evaluation, and research comprise a batch of our tools.

Strategic and market development, business planning and growth strategies are among our consulting activities in demand.

Regulatory compliance within education, government, and business are among our results.

Our History

Hezel Associates has evolved since its founding in 1987.Originally bringing research to the development of educational telecommunications, our company engaged integrally in the founding and burgeoning years of distance and online learning. In education and healthcare, Hezel Associates employed research to refine and strengthen strategic recommendations. Education, an industry that had not engaged robustly in market and business planning, sought assistance from Hezel Associates. Our clients appreciate our broad perspective, which enables us to weigh in on their wider operations. A client who engages us in evaluation might later hire us for market development, strategic planning, or decision research.

Our evaluation activities have broadened as well, still mostly focusing on education. STEM and workforce development have been front and center topics in our work. In addition, teacher professional development, college completion, academic program development, and medical and healthcare continuing education are among the many subjects we’ve investigated.

From its base in Syracuse, New York, Hezel Associates serves clients in areas spanning the entire USA, as well as Canada, the Pacific rim, and Europe.

Hezel Associates is a designated small business with the U.S. Small Business Administration and is registered with the System for Award Management (SAM).


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