Hezel Associates has a passion for inquiry. We like to ask good questions, especially toward research that contributes to a wider understanding and builds communities of investigation and knowledge. Our research teams know their qualitative and quantitative methodologies, they are adept at implementing various research designs, and they have technical expertise required to scrutinize complex phenomena. We apply sound, rigorous, innovative methods that are tailored to the purpose and context. Research by Hezel Associates cuts across varied settings and paradigms (e.g., theory-driven, participatory, action-oriented, equity-focused), positioned at the intersection of theory, policy, and practice. Hezel Associates’ 30+ years of research studies demonstrates our capacity to provide a range of services, including the design and implementation of data collection, analysis, and reporting activities. Our evidence-informed insights provide the guidance clients need to reach confident, knowledgeable conclusions, ultimately shaping both policy and practice.

In addition to doing the research, we like to participate in its dissemination. We’re committed to partnering with you, our client, to extend our knowledge to your audiences, stakeholders, and public. We’ll join with you in producing any media messages—mass, social, personalized.

Further, we are dedicated to the application of culturally responsive research practices, and we prioritize approaches that advance diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Hezel Associates will provide the research services you need to address the questions, issues, or concerns at the center of your interests. Leverage the cumulative knowledge, skills, and experience that exist among our research staff to further develop your knowledge base.

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