We join our clients in their curiosity to know what’s working and their operational imperative to improve effectiveness. Our team constitutes the external, independent evaluator you and your funders require to get unbiased results.

How well does the program meet the needs of stakeholders—students, teachers, consumers, broad populations, executives, boards? We collaborate with you and your team to develop effective projects through our rigorous evaluation studies, which entail the design and implementation of sound data collect strategies, scientifically appropriate analytical techniques, and reporting activities encompassing targeted recommendations for improvement strategy.

Our associates have a genuine passion for assisting organizations, such as K-12 schools, community colleges, 4-year colleges, research universities, non-profits, private companies, and government entities. With a rich history rooted in inquiry, research and program evaluation, we have many years of collective experience working with program developers to understand if activities are being managed properly, how well interventions are being implemented, and the degree to which target audiences are experiencing intended outcomes.

We have expertise in education and business organization contexts, where we have examined hundreds of innovative programs ranging from small-scale activities to multi-institution consortia. Our work has helped organizations improve in areas such as workforce development, teacher preparation, and worldwide organizational training. We have dozens of National Science Foundation-funded evaluation projects in our portfolio. We have investigated STEM outcomes and provided expert reviews and designs. Our many evaluations of U.S. Department of Labor-funded projects have demonstrated our understanding of successes and challenges associated with community college and industry workforce development programs.

Regardless of field or organization, Hezel Associates tailors all evaluations to customer needs and approaches the work with the idea that data should inform decisions. Our insightful team members are able to turn evaluation findings into practical and useful recommendations for clients’ strategic, long-range guidance and short-term decisions.

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