Enhanced Math and Science Teacher Professional Development for Student Acheivement

New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) implemented multiple interventions funded by the US Department of Education Math Science Partnership grant program to advance teachers’ instructional practices and students’ achievement outcomes. Specifically, the STEM Institute (STEMi) aimed to provide high-quality professional development (PD) opportunities to participating teachers in an effort to positively impact students’ math and science achievement. Related, the Comprehensive Science Institute (CSI) sought to deliver quality science-based PD offerings to NYC teachers as a means of increasing students’ science outcomes.

NYCDOE collaborated with Hezel Associates to assess the impact of PD programming on teachers’ content knowledge, and subsequently, student learning. In addition to capturing stakeholder perceptions of PD quality and conducting assessments of the interventions’ effects, the Hezel team provided guidance relating to improvements to data systems. Strengthened metrics procedures position NYCDOE to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of measurement and collection processes, and thus afford enriched interpretations of targeted outcomes realization.