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The Hezel Associates team is well-versed and fully trained in the development and implementation of a complete range of data collection, analysis, and reporting methods. We have substantial experience in developing, piloting, and validating research instruments. Our research efforts are supported by both quantitative and qualitative data collection approaches, including literature reviews; interviews (in-person and telephone); questionnaires (online, telephone, and paper/pencil); focus groups and group interviews; collection and review of documents and artifacts (hard copy and electronic); and observations using a variety of instruments and protocols.

Our research involves the use of descriptive and inferential statistics aligned with a study’s specific purposes and research questions. Our work frequently requires us to disaggregate information at multiple levels, such as by groups, demographics, and site characteristics, or to undertake complex analyses to understand the relative impact of various factors on desired outcomes. We have experience in conducting a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative analyses, chosen purposefully to align with the questions of interest. As we often use a mixed methods approach to our research, Hezel Associates researchers are adept at integrating data from a variety of sources to gain insight into complex educational contexts.

We excel at clearly communicating findings for a variety of purposes, including to evaluate attainment of project goals, answer research questions, and assess the efficacy of innovations and interventions. Hezel Associates researchers are adept at providing different types of outputs and recommendations to stakeholders, and appropriately disseminating research findings, such as through articles for community discussion, journal articles, and conference presentations. In addition, our researchers adhere to U.S. Health and Human Services federal-wide assurance guidelines for the ethical treatment of study participants, and to the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research. Hezel Associates is committed to conducting high quality, ethical research that meets our clients’ needs, and has the necessary policies and practices in place to support this commitment.