Improving Teaching and Learning in Mechatronics

An Illinois college, in an effort to improve teaching and learning in the field of mechatronics, joined forces with colleges located in Maryland and Florida to further advance work started under a US DOL TAACCCT grant. The three colleges formed CollaborATE, funded by a National Science Foundation ATE grant, which is focused on creating state-of-the-art mechatronics associate degrees; developing career ladder pathways with local high schools and professional development for teachers; and creating low-cost, hands-on mechatronics trainers that most instructors can use.

The Hezel Associates team serves as the evaluator for CollaborATE, informing their efforts by demonstrating progress toward achieving goals and objectives, as well as identifying any areas in need of improvement. Our final reporting will provide a summative assessment of the effectiveness of the project and its contribution to the larger body of technical workforce training knowledge.