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With over three decades of expertise in evaluating the impact of programs designed to improve stakeholder outcomes, institutional capacity, and programmatic processes, Hezel Associates is familiar with the challenges, decisions, and outcomes associated with improving education and healthcare. Hezel Associates has a long history of collaborating with clients to guide projects through the stages of conceptualization, implementation, and assessment—from proposal writing to reporting. We understand the importance of providing national, state, and local leaders with empirical, objective evidence that can be used to inform current and future programs and services. As skilled researchers and evaluators who work regularly in complex, real-world settings, we know our studies must be dynamic in order to accommodate the changing needs and priorities of our clients and stakeholders.

In conducting external evaluations, Hezel Associates gauges improvement in terms of effectiveness of dissemination and implementation practices, efficacy of initiatives, and attainment of desired outcomes. Our evaluation work as a whole has included program design, proposal development, performance reporting, front-end evaluations, implementation evaluations, impact evaluations, outcome evaluations, and process-product evaluations.


In our education work, we have conducted program evaluations on a variety of educational services and interventions, focusing on topics such as professional development and staff training, classroom-based instructional strategies, learning communities, instructional coaching and mentoring, and after-school programming. Our team is adept at providing informative reports targeted at stakeholders at all levels of responsibility, from state-level officials and advisory boards to faculty members at universities, administrators, school teachers, and parents.

Health and Human Services

In our health and human services work, we have conducted evaluations centering on access to services, process improvement, and evidence-based interventions. Our approach is to provide data to inform transformative projects that support value-based service delivery. Our team is adept at providing informative reports targeted at stakeholders at all levels of responsibility, from state-level officials and advisory boards to organization executives, program directors, middle managers, direct service providers, and program participants and the community.

We are well-acquainted with the reporting requirements associated with programs from a variety of federal agencies, which allows us to support our clients with data collection to meet federal reporting requirements, if needed. We always adhere to the highest standards established for the evaluation and research profession, and are dedicated to the principles established by the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation, which are endorsed by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Hezel Associates is an experienced, highly qualified evaluation partner. We look forward to working with you!