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Research Associate


As a Research Associate with Hezel Associates, Dr. Bolds contributes her experience as a past Syracuse University STEM Fellow primarily focusing on STEM educational and career pathways for under-represented populations. She has extensive knowledge of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, and is skilled at performing primary and secondary research. Dr. Bolds has conducted studies using diverse qualitative approaches, including case-study, ethnographic, and phenomenological research designs. As Co-PI of a Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) Education research study, Dr. Bolds developed observation and interview protools and questionnaire instruments, led data collection and analysis activities, and reported findings to district stakeholders. Additionally, she has conducted research on high school students' STEM career development using large-scale, national data. This study employed structural equation modeling to analyze mediating and moderating effects. 


Prior to joining Hezel Associates, Dr. Bolds conducted research examining urban and under-represented youth's STEM identity cultivation, STEM dispositions, and STEM participation. Additionally, she has investigated conditions of STEM learning environments in both formal and informal contexts. Dr. Bolds holds a PhD in Insructional Design, Development and Evaluation from Syracuse, University.