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Past Projects

StraighterLine Student Survey (2012)

StraighterLine (www.straighterline.com) has been recognized as a revolutionizing force in education since its 2008 inception. Offering self-paced, pay-as-you-go introductory level college courses, StraighterLine students can accerlerate their academic schedule and potentially pay less than $30 per credit.

For a second year, StraighterLine engaged Hezel Associates to develop, execute and analyze a study of the StraighterLine student population. The resulting report provided important insights into StraighterLine's student base, including market intelligence related to drivers of enrollment, student satisfaction and loyalty that inform the company's growth management strategy.

Study results reveal three key factors motivate students to take college-level courses through StraighterLine: convenience, affordability and the ability to fulfill pre-requisite course requirements. Coupling these student demands with high satisfaction and academic quality comparable to other higher education option, StraighterLine continues to attract learners.

pdfStraighterLine Second Report Card 2012

Hezel Associates, LLC. (2012). 2012 StraighterLine student survey. Retrieved from http://www.hezel.com/images/resource-library/hezelreport-straighterline-final-20120821.pdf