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Past Projects

Evaluation of Arizona's Transfer Articulation System (2007)

The Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) (www.azregents.edu) and the state board of directors for community colleges (state board) established a Transfer Articulation Task Force (TATF) in 1996 to bolster Arizona's articulation system and improve student access to the state university system. The resulting transfer model hinges on "a dynamic set of processes and agreements" between the community colleges and public universities. The TATF also manages the Arizona State System for Information on Student Transfer (ASSIST): a relational database containing enrollment and degree information on students attending Arizona's public universities and community college districts. Available to participating institutions, ASSIST is designed to assess the effectiveness of Arizona's general education curriculum and transfer model, and provide the community colleges and the universities information for the federal graduation rate report.

To understand the efficiency and effectiveness of the Arizona transfer system (community colleges to four-year public institutions), and the impact on participating institutions and students, the Arizona Academic Program Articulation Steering Committee (APASC) contracted with Hezel Associates, LLC, an education research and consulting firm, to conduct an evaluation of Arizona's transfer and articulation system.

pdfEvaluation of Arizona's Transfer Articulation System (2007)

Hezel Associates, LLC. (2007). Evaluation of Arizona’s transfer articulation system. Retrieved from http://www.hezel.com/images/resource-library/evaluation-of-arizona-transfer.pdf