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Past Projects

Quality Compensation for Teachers Summative Evaluation (2008-2009)

During the summer of 2008, the Minnesota Department of Education (www.education.state.mn.us) contracted with Hezel Associates, LLC, to conduct an external evaluation of the Q Comp implementation. The evaluation team has adopted a formative-summative approach to the investigation of Q Comp impact and sustainability. This approach has allowed us to study how Q Comp works and whether it works as intended and also to determine any preliminary impact that Q Comp has had on outcomes at various levels (e.g., district, school, teacher, student) while implementation occurs. This final evaluation report describes the research activities undertaken to date; findings, commendations and recommendations that have resulted from our research; and suggestions for further research in the future.

pdfQuality Compensation for Teachers Summative Evaluation (2009)

Hezel Associates, LLC. (2009). Quality compensation for teachers summative evaluation. Retrieved from http://www.hezel.com/images/resource-library/qcomp-evaluation.pdf