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Past Projects

Testing the Efficacy and Impact of a Selected PBS TeacherLine Course (2010)

PBS TeacherLine (www.pbs.org/teacherline) received a Ready to Teach grant from the U.S. Department of Education which funded the development of online graduate-level courses. PBSTeacherLineThe courses strive to provide professional development opportunities in an accessible online format.  In 2007, Hezel Associates began an in-depth evaluation that focused on one of PBS TeacherLine's Courses, Teaching Reading Fluency.  Our 3-year summative evaluation of the PBS TeacherLine Reading Fluency course helped PBS TeacherLine to understand the impact of their course on teacher and student-level outcomes.

Relying on a classic experimental research design, the evaluation involved 62 second and third grade classrooms and over 500 students. For two years, data were collected to measure teachers' content knowledge for teaching reading, teaching practices, and self-efficacy for teaching reading. Student data measured students' oral reading fluency skills, and attitudes toward reading. Data were collected both electronically (web surveys) and manually (optical recognition surveys). Throughout the course of this evaluation, Hezel Associates distributed roughly 5000 surveys to teacher and student participants. After data were secured, descriptive statistics were used to explore and show demographic information. Inferential analyses compared a treatment group to a control group and ultimately proved the impact of the course on teacher and student outcomes.

After three years, we were able to show student-level outcomes and demonstrate how the teacher-professional development course affected students. Although the process through which the professional development affects student outcomes is not fully understood, the data presented in this evaluation have allowed PBS TeacherLine to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their professional development courses and the courses' impact on student and teacher outcomes. Additionally, the evaluation provided PBS TeacherLine with solid, student-level outcomes demonstrating that the course did increase students' academic achievement.

pdfTesting the Efficacy and Impact of a Selected PBS TeacherLine Course (2010)

Hezel Associates, LLC. (2010). Testing the efficacy and impact of a selected PBS TeacherLine course, final report. Retrieved from http://www.hezel.com/images/resource-library/testing_the_effiancy.pdf