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Past Projects

StraighterLine Student Survey (2011)

Recognized as a revolutionizing force in education since its 2008 inception, StraighterLine (www.straighterline.com) has offered a new way of reducing the cost of a college degree: self-paced, pay-as-you-go introductory level college courses. The underlying philosophy of the program is that students can get an equivalent, if not superior, educational experience in introductory college courses (e.g., calculus, accounting, English composition) through an individually paced, tutor-supported course than in the large lecture hall setting that is common at traditional colleges and universities. Furthermore, StraighterLine is able to offer these courses at much lower cost than colleges and universities. Depending on the registration option and time spent completing the course, StraighterLine students can potentially pay less than $30 per credit.

Demand for the program has been substantial, with nearly 2000 registrants since the first courses were offered in 2008. To better understand its clientele, StraighterLine hired Hezel Associates to develop, execute, and analyze an online survey of its alumni. All students who had either successfully or unsuccessfully completed a StraighterLine course since the company's 2008 inception to present. The resulting report provided important insights into StraighterLine's student base, including market intelligence related to drivers of enrollment, student satisfaction and loyalty that inform the company's growth management strategy.

pdfStraighterLine First Report Card 2011

Hezel Associates, LLC. (2011). StraighterLine student survey results. Retrieved from http://www.hezel.com/images/resource-library/hezelreport-straighterline-final20110815.pdf