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Past Projects

WXXI & WSKG Health Campaign on Childhood Obesity Evaluated (2011)

Focusing on childhood obesity, PBS stations WXXI (www.wxxi.org) and WSKG (www.wskg.org) collaborative lauched public awareness campaigns in their respective communities (WXXI in Rochester and WSKG in Binghamton). Supported by a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting from September 2009 to October 2011, the stations engaged Hezel Associates to evaluate their health campaigns to reduce childhood obesity. The stations implemented their individual health initiatives "Healthy You" and "Working on Wellness", but also shared content and ideas to amplify their efforts. In conjunction with community partners, the stations conducted different community outreach activities for their programs. These included television and radio programs and spots/advertisements; web site content (including a Toolkit); CD, DVD, and promotional item distribution; televised community forums; a visibility campaign (such as billboards, press releases, articles, newsletters); and children's activities (such as walking with pedometers, creating art work depicting heart-healthy behaviors, writing songs, and creating recipes).

Hezel Associates provided a process and outcome evaluation to the PBS stations, as well as technical assistance. Formative feedback addressed interactions between the stations, implementation progress, components of the initiatives that might be effectively replicated by other PBS stations, and the role both stations played as conveners of multiple community partners. The summative feedback was considered preliminary and focused on the degree and nature of impacts of public broadcasting at the community level and on childhood obesity. Imbedded in the project was capacity building for the station program teams. The Hezel team provided technical assistance in survey development, secondary data analysis, obtained IRB approval, and supported evaluation data collection, analysis and reporting to CPB.

The final report is included below, along with the initial project announcement.

pdfWXXI WSKG CPB LSI Assessment Final Report (2011)

pdfWXXI Health Campaign Tackles Childhood Obesity Press Release (2009)

Additional information on each stations' efforts, including replicable compontents is available online.

WXXI - Healthy You: http://interactive.wxxi.org/healthyyou/toolkit

WSKG - Working on Wellness (WoW): http://wskg.org/educate/wellness

Orlando, E., Coddington, N., Herman, T., & Knestis, K. (2011). WXXI/WSKG LSI (Local Service Initiative), Healthy You/Working on Wellness. Child obesity prevention in the western and southern regions of New York State, final evaluation report. Retrieved from http://www.hezel.com/images/resource-library/cpb-lsi-final-assessment-20111031.pdf