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Past Projects

State University of New York - Landscape Analysis (2017)

As part of the TeachNY grant received by SUNY, Hezel Associates conducted a landscape analysis to identify teacher networks and explore ways in which representatives from those groups could be convened to discuss alignment of teacher leadership resources and priorities toward future collective statewide action. Hezel Associates was hired to support SUNY staff with data collection, analysis, and reporting activities. Findings were used to inform SUNY policies and proposals toward teacher support networks.   SUNY

To achieve this, Hezel Associates used an exploratory sequential design.. First, our team collaborated with SUNY to identify organizations that offer support to K-12 teachers in New York state, which resulted in a list. Next, our team developed an online questionnaire to solicit relevant information (e.g., content, methods of delivery, funding sources) from staff of organizations on the list. Lastly, informed by findings from the questionnaire, we developed a focus group protocol to obtain qualitative information from questionnaire respondents who attended the final convening in New York City. Hezel Associates analyzed these data, and subsequently produced summary reports aimed at supporting SUNY’s statewide strategy to K-12 teacher support networks.