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Past Projects

Literacy Coalition of Madison County (2017-2018)

Hezel Associates partnered with the Literacy Coalition of Madison County to conduct three facilitated sessions to reflect on their mission and prioritize Coalition tasks. These three meetings are designed to give the Coalition a jump-start on additional strategic planning activities.

The first session led by Hezel Associates was designed to guide a discussion helping the Coalition refine their mission. Hezel Associates facilitators worked to help the Coalition define who they are, and gain a better understanding of the population they serve. At the end of this session, a new mission statement emerged, that was better aligned with their vision of the Coalition, and was used as the starting point for the next conversation. The second session was about prioritizing tasks of the Coalition, investigating how the organization uses its resources to most efficiently meet their mission. Finally, our third session was used to reflect on the first two sessions, and conduct capacity building to help the organization move forward, turning some of our insights into actionable plans.