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Past Projects

NYCDOE Community Schools Initiative Evaluation (2015)

New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) began implementing the Community Schools Strategy in 45 schools during Fall 2015 in order to address each student’s unique social, emotional, physical, NYC DOEand academic needs. This is accomplished through partnerships with community organizations that are designed to coordinate existing services with new services to meet students’ needs and improve student learning and development. Hezel Associates served as the third party evaluator for the initial year of implementation, assisting NYCDOE with the development of a logic model for the program, and collecting data related to implementation of the Community Schools Strategy and initial outcomes.

Hezel Associates used extant data provided by NYCDOE to conduct an initial assessment of implementation and analysis of preliminary outcomes in terms of student attendance and behavior. Focus groups and interviews were conducted at selected schools, then analyzed qualitatively, in order to establish a clear picture of implementation from the point of view of district administrators, school administrators, school staff, and staff from community organizations at each school. Hezel Associates provided a completed Community Schools logic model, an interim evaluation update memo, and a final report. This information provided NYCDOE staff with information to assess their success in Year 1 and to inform their future work with respect to community schools.