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Past Projects

Syracuse City School District Extended Learning Time (ELT) Evaluation (2015-2017)

Syracuse City School District (SCSD) partnered with the National Center on Time & Learning, Catholic Charities of Onondaga County, Contact Community Services, and Peaceful Schools to develop Extendend Learning Time (ELT) programs for K-8 students at 12 local schools. The programs were designed for students who are academically at risk, and implemented at low-performing schools. Hezel Associates served as the third-party evaluator during the first, second, and third years of the grant.

Hezel Associates' researchers used a mixed methods design to provide SCSD with a detailed description of how ELT was being implemented in the selected schools. The study was designed to explore the impact of ELT onSCSD student enrichment and youth development, and assessed perceptions of the overall partnership between schools and community based organizations (CBO) and program quality. A variety of data collection strategies were used to obtain adequate information for the evaluation.

Interviews were conducted annually with program administrators at each ELT site to solicit detailed information from an organizational or institutional perspective. Focus groups with both school and CBO faculty and staff were also conducted annually in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the implementation of ELT at each school. Document reviews provided evidence of program progress, while student and parent questionnaires collected information about perceptions from those receiving program services. Hezel Associates synthesized the evaluation methods, findings, and recommendations into a final summative report for each year of the program, and for the program as a whole in order to provide SCSD staff with information to assess their success and to inform their future work with respect to ELT schools.