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Past Projects

Rare Book School IMLS Evaluation (2015-2017)

Through funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences, Rare Book School (RBS) implemented the Fellowships for Early-Career Librarians program, a fellowship program for librarians looking to gain specialized skills and knowledge regarding special collections. In February 2015, RBS contracted Hezel Associates to serve as the third-party evaluator to assess the implementation and impact of the program.RBS

Hezel Associates conducted a mixed methods evaluation to answer evaluation questions regarding implementation and impact of the program. Specifically, Hezel Associates evaluated the program through a review of program documentation and questionnaires administered to the fellows at the end of the program and one year after. Interviews with former RBS Fellows were conducted to inform development of these questionnaires. Questionnare data were collected from fellows in the two cohorts that participated in the program during the grant period. A longitudinal questionnaire was administered to the 2015 cohort one year after their program to assess long-term impact of the program. Hezel Associates delivered two interim reports during the project to provide formative feedback to RBS staff. A final, summartive report on the implementation and impact findings was delivered to RBS as the end of the project.