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Past Projects

Academic Efficacy Study – New Hampshire’s Reading First Program (2005-2009)

With more than one in four schools in New Hampshire scoring at the lowest level of proficiency on third-grade reading tasks in 2004, a great demand for effective early reading instruction exists. The New Hampshire Reading First Program (www.education.nh.gov) sought to improve children’s early reading skills through sustained professional development opportunities that focus on scientifically based reading research strategies that have been shown to positively impact instruction and learning. Hezel Associates conducted a five-year evaluation of the statewide program to determine whether New Hampshire’s Reading First Program helped improve children’s early literacy skills.

Hezel Associates’ study of the New Hampshire Reading First Program described the relations among program inputs and outcomes, as well as the factors that inform implementation, student achievement, and program effectiveness. The comprehensive evaluation blended multiple methods, included quantitative and qualitative data, address state and federal reporting mandates, and support sustained improvement. The results from the evaluation enabled the New Hampshire Department of Education to see school-specific findings, which has enabled them to modify their approach and strategies at the school level.