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Past Projects

ProLiteracy's Dollar General Performance Accountability (DGPA) Evaluation (2006-2009)

In a time of demand for greater accountability across all types of institutions, the establishment and implementation of well-conceived accountability measures can help organizations move more confidently toward their goals and aspirations. To this end, ProLiteracy (www.proliteracy.org) – the preeminent nationwide adult literacy organization – has determined accountability best practices for adult basic education and volunteer-based literacy programs across the country, and has created three instructional modules based on these best practices. The Dollar General Performance Accountability (DGPA) 2006-2009 Initiative is the culmination of these efforts, which – over a period of three years – aimed to teach the leaders of 120 adult literacy programs across the United States about accountability best practices, and how to support these programs in their implementation of these best practices.

Hezel Associates was called upon to follow a total of 60 programs to determine the directional impact of participation on multiple dimensions of program success. Based on specific impacts ProLiteracy hopes to have on programs, evaluators developed a set of guiding research questions, as well as a series of online surveys to answer these questions. These surveys (distributed throughout each of the three module years) aimed to not only capture progress specific to the module content within the current project year, but also to capture progress in overall program accountability goals across all three project years.