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Past Projects

WHO-WPRO Evaluation of POHLN Nursing Education (2010-2011)

The World Health Organization (WHO) (www.who.int) engaged Hezel Associates to conduct a mid-term evaluation of two programs funded by the New Zealand Agency for International Development (NZAID) (www.aid.govt.nz). One program was designed to improve the quality of nursing education at developing nursing schools in Samoa, Vanuatu, Tuvalu, and Kiribati. The second program, the Pacific Open Learning Health Network (POLHN) (www.polhn.org), provides online professional health and medical education services to doctors, nurses, and public health professionals in remote areas of the Pacific. The evaluation, conducted between September 2010 and January 2011, assessed the extent to which each programs’ objectives were completed.

After reviewing documents related to the programs, Hezel Associates developed instruments, including interview protocols and surveys, to assess the perceptions of progress and impact of the objectives. In-person and telephone interviews were held with key stakeholders and informants throughout the Pacific Island countries, including WHO staff members, Ministry of Health staff members, faculty members, students, vendors, and NZAID staff members. Web surveys were disseminated to WHO’s POLHN students and its coordinators. Hezel Associates also analyzed existing performance and financial data from multiple sources.

A final report focused on achievements to date, impacts, lessons learned and outcomes of the project. The report also provided recommendations for the continued growth and improvement of each project, as well as recommendations for project sustainability.