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Past Projects

OCM BOCES- Teaching American History America Dream Evaluation (2007 - 2010)

In July 2010, Onondaga-Cortland-Madison Board of Cooperative Educational Services (OCM BOCES) (www.ocmboces.org), together with community partners, finished the third and final year of US ED sponsored Teaching American History (TAH) Grant: American Dream Project implementation. Guided by specific objectives outlined at project onset, the American Dream Project consisted of numerous professional development opportunities. Each year professional development focused on a different period in American History. Through comprehensive professional development, the program aimed to increase teacher content knowledge and ultimately, improve student achievement in American history.

Since its award in 2007, Hezel Associates worked to evaluate the success of American Dream Project implementation and to ensure the program remained on track in meeting outlined objectives. Hezel Associates regularly surveyed teachers and students, collecting both formative and summative data. Formative data was reported in quarterly reports, in order to allow for real-time program adjustment and modification based on findings. The final report outlined the extent to which the American Dream Project successfully increased teachers’ content knowledge and technology skill level, as well as the extent to which the project helped influence teaching strategies and enhance U.S. history teachers’ district-wide sense of community.