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Past Projects

Nashville State Community College NSF ITLTE Evaluation (2007-2012)

Nashville State Community College (NSCC) (www.nscc.edu) has worked to implement an Innovation in Teaching and Learning initiative (ITL), which encompassed large-scale resource development and dissemination, relied on a Problem-Based Case Learning model (PBCL). The PBCL model enabled the initiative to continue the development and expand the use of the PBCL models in community colleges, and elsewhere, in order to improve the technical workforce for the global economy of the 21st century. The approach targeted community college faculty and students and provided; a) a community of practice including on-line coaching and shared content development; b) professional learning resources including a several web-sites and curriculum materials; and c) professional development progression including several professional development events, and a train the trainer program.

Hezel Associates was hired in 2007 to provide NSCC with external evaluation services. The evaluation consisted of a summative study that tested the efficacy of the PBCL learning model and ITL initiative, and a formative study that provided NSCC with continuous formative data. Hezel Associates was responsible for survey and interview protocol development, data collection activities, and data analysis. Instrumentation encompassed a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures, providing data that allowed evaluators to make cogent, data-driven, recommendations. Hezel Associates provided numerous reports and face-to-face presentations, which guided NSCC’s program implementation throughout the grant term.