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Past Projects

CUNY Brooklyn College NSF Faculty Early Career Development Evaluation (2013-2015)

CUNY Brooklyn College (www.brooklyn.cuny.edu) received funds from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Faculty Early Career Development program to pursue a research and education study that focuses on formal-informal collaborations and activities for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) teacher
Brookllyn College Logo education. This project, entitled Informal Learning Environments and Teacher Education (ILETE) in STEM, is under the leadership of Principal Investigator (PI) Jennifer Adams, PhD, and explores the integration and effects of informal learning environments (ILEs) on classroom teaching, and ultimately determine best practices for using ILE in science education. 

Hezel Associates, in collaboration with CUNY Brooklyn College, designed an external evaluation to provide formative feedback to the PI regarding the progression of the project, the quality of the research design, and to assure that the intended project activities are completed as intended. Data collection methods, such as project document review and exploratory interviews with the PI, aided in gathering information to determine extent and quality of implementation of the research. These data were analyzed against a preordinate scheme that compared findings to specified evaluation questions. The Hezel Associates team also served as expert reviewers by assessing the PI’s research quality as related to the project’s research questions. To accomplish this, the evaluation team reviewed program documents and data generated to ensure research methods were appropriate to study design. Formative summaries were provided to the PI each year to inform ongoing research and to generate consideration of any necessary improvements.