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Past Projects

Literacy Coalition of Oswego County Needs Assessment (2014)

The Literacy Coalition of Oswego County consists of more than 36 local organizations literacyheaderproviding services to improve literacy. Organizations within the coalition serve literacy needs of all ages and areas including basic, workforce, computer, health, and financial literacy. Strong literacy skills are essential for overcoming civic, social, and economic challenges faces by individuals and families in Oswego County where up to 17,000 individuals function at the lowest level of literacy. The Coalition contracted Hezel Associates to conduct a needs assessment in order to identify barriers to services and best practices in community literacy programs.

Throughout this engagement Hezel Associates used a needs assessment framework in order to identify current needs, what the desired conditions would look like, and where there are discrepancies between the two. Hezel Associates collected data through literature reviews, document reviews, and interviews with local agency representatives. This needs assessment focused on family literacy and the literacy skills necessary for employment. Through this research, Hezel Associates outlined current literacy services provided in Oswego County, evidence-based strategies and interventions, barriers to increasing literacy in Oswego County, and recommendations for effectively addressing these barriers through interventions or resources.