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Past Projects

NYCDOE Office of Achievement Resources (OAR) CFI Focus Group Study (2013)

 The NYCDOE’s Office of Achievement Resources (OAR) (schools.nyc.gov) sponsors the Children’s First Initiative (CFI) professional development for network Achievement Coaches in New York City Schools. The coaches receive the CFI professional development to provide them with the knowledge and resources they need to provide mentoring, guidance, and support to NYC educators as they work in collaborative teams to use data to improve instructional practice and increase student achievement. The NYCDOE OAR contracted Hezel Associates to conduct focus groups of the network Achievement Coaches who participated in OAR professional development during the 2012-2013 school year.

Through the implementation of focus groups with 20 coaches and the analysis of these data, Hezel Associates researchers provided OAR staff with research findings to help them formatively evaluate the effectiveness of professional development offered to the coaches in terms of their working relationships with educators and their impact on teaching practice. OAR staff used these findings to inform the creation of future professional development models, in hopes of improving coaches work with educators in schools and, ultimately, to improve instruction in classrooms.