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Past Projects

Ohio Longitudinal Data System Impact Evaluation (2006 - 2009)

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) (www.ode.state.oh.us) implemented a statewide Longitudinal Data System (LDS), which enabled the state to collect, analyze and make available disaggregated educational data through a coherent statewide interface. The Data Driven Decisions for Academic Achievement (D3A2) initiative took LDS a step further, calling upon the state’s partnership with and service to multiple stakeholders to create a culture in which educators think differently about the potential of accountability data to inform improvements in teaching and learning.

Hezel Associates was hired to conduct a statewide evaluation of the D3A2/LDS project to provide ODE and key stakeholders with important information about the initiative’s quality and effectiveness through a combination of formative and summative research activities over three years. During the evaluation’s first year, the Hezel team administered professional development needs assessment and data usage surveys among administrators and teachers. Hezel Associates supplemented the data gathered from these surveys with in-depth case studies conducted annually over the evaluation’s three years to determine changes in statewide data usage practices over time.

In the second year, the Hezel team observed the implementation of D3A2 professional development and administered pre- and post-professional development surveys to determine the training’s impact on participants’ understanding of and attitudes toward data usage. Post-professional development surveys also gathered data on participants’ perceptions of the quality and areas of needed improvement associated with the training they received. To supplement the survey, case study and observational data, the Hezel team conducted two additional research activities during the evaluation’s final year that helped inform the project’s overall impact and examined longitudinal trends in student performance data over the course of the project.