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Past Projects

NYCDOE iTeach-iLearn Evaluation (2007-2009)

The New York City Department of Education’s Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) (http://schools.nyc.gov) organized the New York City iTeach-iLearn (iTiL) initiative to bring mobile technology and one-to-one computing to students. One-to-one computing entails immediate access to computing technology for every student at any time, and mobile computing involves portable technology, including laptops, tablet PCs and handheld devices. One-to-one computing signals a shift from hoarding technology in “computer rooms” to providing the kind of ubiquitous access that allows a true integration of technology with learning. In 22 schools throughout the city, the pilot program was instituted to provide all 6th grade students and their teachers with laptops (traditional or tablet) in an effort to improve student learning and achievement. iTeach-iLearn aims to achieve the following goals at these sites: Provide rich and equitable resources that improve teaching and student learning; Improve collaborative learning environments for teachers and students; Increase student engagement; Increase internal and external communications between and among teachers.

Hezel Associates’ evaluation approach documented the three stages by which iTeach-iLearn contributed to changes in instruction and learning. The first stage emphasized program design, including goals, objectives, and timelines. The second stage focused on the initial implementation, during which implementation planning is tested/adjusted and data was collected to determine the efficacy of these plans. Finally, in the third stage, outcome data was collected on the extent to which the essential goals of the project were achieved. Hezel Associates’ evaluation not only determined the support/infrastructure necessary to obtain successful implementation of the initiative (i.e., ideal environments, professional development), but furthered overall understanding of the impact of one-to-one computing and mobile technology on teaching and learning outcomes.