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Past Projects

NYCDOE Tabula Digita's Dimension M Evaluation (2008-2009)

New York City Department of Education’s Office of Instructional Technology (OIT) (http://schools.nyc.gov) collaborated with Tabula Digita and the NYCDOE Math Department to integrate DimensionM software into math curricula throughout NYC public schools. DimensionM engages students in pre-algebra and algebra objectives using an immersive gaming environment, and supports multiple instruction models (single-player and multi-player). Based on positive anecdotal evidence observed in both NYC and Florida school pilot programs, NYCDOE extended the integration of DimensionM from two classrooms to approximately 138 schools.

In August 2008, OIT contracted with Hezel Associates to evaluate the program, and specifically examine teacher-level and student-level outcomes. Our assessment included an examination of student performance via test results as well as curricular considerations (e.g., the role of gaming software in the classroom). The study yielded useful intelligence and provided districts leaders with constructive guidance on how the software can be incorporated in teaching practices to improve learning outcomes.