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Past Projects

National STEM Consortium TAACCCT (Round 1) Evaluation (2012 - 2015)

The National STEM Consortium (NSC; www.nationalstem.org), a collaborative of ten community colleges in nine states led by Anne Arundel Community College (www.aacc.edu) in Maryland, was organized to develop nationally portable, certificate-level programs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). The NSC was funded by the U.S. NSCDepartment of Labor (USDOL) Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) Grants Program and its goal was to build a national model of multi-college cooperation in the design and delivery of high quality, labor market-driven occupational programs. The 5 STEM pathways include: composite materials technology, cyber technology, electric vehicle technology, environmental technology, and mechatronics. These pathways not only consist of unique content and curricula, but incorporate educational best practices to ensure student success, including cohort design, hybrid coursework, block scheduling, and an online contextualized remedial program created under the grant, called STEM Bridge. All curricula, including STEM Bridge, are available online at Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative.

The NSC partnered with Hezel Associates to provide independent program and impact evaluation of the NSC STEM certificate initiative. Hezel Associates designed a comprehensive mixed methods evaluation to provide the NSC with formative and summative findings to further program improvement and to satisfy USDOL reporting requirements. Data collection activities included interviews with students, NSC members, and key employers; questionnaires for students; and extant employment and wage data retrieval. Qualitative analysis consists of a preordinate scheme to identify themes. Quantitative analysis of questionnaire and extant data was comprised of descriptive statistics and inferential testing. Hezel Associates provided the NSC with annual reports detailing methods, findings, and recommendations, all available on www.skillscommons.org.

Read the final report here: NSC Final Evaluation Report