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Past Projects

Montgomery County Community College TAACCCT (Round 2) Evaluation (2013 - 2016)

Montgomery County Community College (MC3) received funding through a U.S. Department Labor (DOL) TAACCCT Round 2 grant. MC3 was the leader of a community college consortium focused on creating a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) website. The website aimed to standardize the E-portfolio process for community colleges across Pennsylvania. Also, the project team designed a two-course business management certificate program for students who participated in the previous TAACCCT Round 1 TAACCCT. Hezel Associates was selected to be the third-party evaluator by MC3 and conducted all evaluation activities associated with the grant.                          MCCC

Hezel Associates conducted a mixed method evaluation of MC3’s grant activities. Researchers gathered data from stakeholders to assess implementation quality and outcomes of the project managed by MC3. Qualitative data was gleaned from assessing project documentation and interviewing participating students and staff. Hezel Associates assessed MC3’s attainment of project objectives by analyzing these data as well as extant data provided by MC3, which included student completion and retention rates, to assess the impact of the project on these outcomes. Hezel Associates’ annual reports provided formative feedback to project staff to support informed programmatic improvements. A final summative report was presented to MC3 in September 2016.