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Past Projects

Bush Foundation Network for Excellence in Teaching (NExT) Evaluation (2011 - 2015)

In response to the need for more effective teachers in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota, the Bush Foundation announced in late 2009 its intent to fund $40 million over ten years to 14 institutions of higher education (IHEs) in these three states. The partnership of the 14 IHEs and the Bush Foundation, known as theBush Network for Excellence in Teaching (NExT) aimed to transform how the institutions recruit, train, place, and support their teacher candidates. One component of this initiative was the Common Metrics Group (CMG), composed of representatives from each IHE, who came together with other partnering agencies to develop and implement four surveys to measure the efforts at each campus. Each teacher candidate completed three surveys over the course of his/her student career: upon entry into the program, upon exit from the program, and one year after graduation. Supervisors of NExT graduates who were teachers also completed a survey during the graduate's first year of employment. 

Hezel Associates assisted the CMG in a capacity building role, initially administering two of the four surveys in dual formats, conducting the data analysis for all four instruments, and reporting descriptive statistics tailored to individual IHE and Bush Foundation audiences. In addition, Hezel Associates contributed to the validation of the four instruments, conducting inferential tests including exploratory factor analysis and reliability analyses on constructs within each of the four surveys.  Hezel Associates also provided technical assistance in the form of feedback on survey revisions, based on findings from validation analyses. As a result, Hezel Associates played a pivotal role in terms of capacity building and establishing procedures, standards, and templates for future use. Finally, Hezel Associates managed, cleaned, and analyzed data to support data-driven decision-making for the Bush Foundation and NExT.