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Past Projects

NYCDOE Small Learning Communities (SLC) Evaluation (2012 - 2013)

The New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) (schools.nyc.gov), supporting the Small Learning Communities (SLC) project, aims to extend the small learning communities in seven large New York City high schools. Through this grant, these schools support leadership training for educators, college readiness programs, and partnerships with non-profit groups. NYCDOE contracted Hezel Associates, LLC to act as external evaluators for the annual assessment of the SLC project.

The purpose of the evaluation was to aggregate and analyze data, and report findings at the school level to gauge (a) the implementation of SLC activities, and (b) program impact in terms of objectives defined for the grant. Hezel Associates implemented a mixed-methods evaluation that synthesizes data collected through faculty team focus groups, student focus groups, individual interviews of administrators, and extant summary quantitative measures collected by each school. The mixed-methods approach allowed Hezel Associates to provide a more complete picture with respect to how SLC activities are translating into student outcomes, and provide NYC DOE a solid understanding of the impact SLCs have on NYC educators and students.