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Past Projects

Arizona’s Getting AHEAD (2010 - 2013)

Starting in 2010, Hezel Associates has been the state-level evaluator for the Arizona Board of Regents's (www.azregents.edu) Getting Access to Higher Education Degrees (Getting AHEAD) Project, funded by a four-year grant from the Lumina Foundation (www.luminafoundation.org).  While Arizona’s focus on ABORhigher education productivity is part of a longstanding strategic agenda, the purpose of Getting AHEAD was to expand prior efforts to strengthen Arizona’s transfer system in order to increase degree completions and reduce the time students take to complete their degrees.  Hezel Associates conducted a process evaluation of Getting AHEAD in all four years of the project, as well as an overall evaluation of Arizona’s transfer and articulation system.

The overall evaluation component reprised Hezel Associates 2007 research on Arizona’s transfer system, in order to determine the current status of the system as well as its maturation over time.  The research included extensive analysis of extant data, as well as survey data collected from current employees of Arizona’s higher education institutions and past and present transfer students.  Overall, the findings of this research provided evidence that Arizona’s transfer system initiatives, including Getting AHEAD, have been successful in achieving the goals of creating a more successful and efficient educational process for students, and recommendations to promote continued and even increase success in the future.

Click link to view the full report:  pdfEvaluation of Arizona's Transfer System 2013.pdf

Also, visit AZTransfer's Steering Committee website for additional coverage of the project:  www.aztransfer.com