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Past Projects

Cornell University's East Asia Program USED: NRC Evaluation (2010 - 2014)

In August 2010, Cornell University’s (www.cornell.edu) East Asia Program (EAP) received funding through the U.S. Department of Education’s (ED) National Resource Center (NRC) Program cornell(under Title VI, Part A). Hezel Associates served as the third-party evaluator responsible for assessing the extent to which EAP staff met the five main objectives and subsequent outcomes through the proposed EAP activities. EAP staff were focused on encouraging high quality instruction of East Asian languages; increasing interest and expertise in East Asia through the study of languages, cultures, and values; promoting and facilitating internationalization of curriculum in professional and STEM fields; improving and expanding outreach programming; and establishing effective linkages.

Hezel Associates researchers used the objectives, activities, and outcomes proposed by EAP staff to determine data sources, collection strategies, and analyses. Researchers reviewed and analyzed data provided by EAP staff including student enrollment data, course listings, program records, event records, and survey data, in order to determine whether objectives and outcomes were met during this grant period. In preparation for data collection, researchers contributed guidance and technical assistance in data collection, organization, and management providing additional internal capacity building opportunities for EAP staff. Hezel Associates researchers reviewed, indexed, and analyzed data provided by EAP staff in order to address individual outcomes. These results were synthesized in order to determine success in meeting project objectives. Through this process, researchers were able to identify successes of EAP staff in providing services and activities, internationalizing curriculum, and encouraging the study of East Asian cultures, languages, and values.