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Past Projects

Examples of past evaluation, research, and planning work conducted by Hezel Associates are shared on this page.

OnCare Juvenile Justice Project Program Evaluation (2018)

The Onondaga County, NY System of Care (OnCare), is a recipient of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) System of Care Expansion Grant. With this funding, they have implemented the OnCare Juvenile Justice Project (OJJP) to develop a coordinated system of behavioral and community supports to youth (ages 12-18) with serious emotional disturbance involved in the criminal justice system. This project seeks to increase screening for behavioral health needs and increase access to behavioral health services to address the mental and emotional health needs of targeted youth, while reducing recidivism in the justice system. 

Hezel Associates was hired to conduct a targeted evaluation of the program to inform service expansion planning. Hezel Associates’ study focused on the efficiency of program processes (including the intake/referral process, case conferencing, and discharge process) and the impact of service delivery on youth outcomes (recidivism, mental and emotional health). 

Performance of processes was identified through the (a) analysis of existing program data (e.g., rates of referral, assessment, engagement, and discharge; episode of care length; and evidence of formalized partnerships with community stakeholders); (b) review of program documents (e.g., brochures and outreach materials, policies, etc.); and (c) focus groups with staff, family members and youth. Youth outcomes were identified through the analysis of existing program data and youth and caregiver focus groups. An explanatory sequential mixed method design was applied. Program documents and data reviewed helped inform the development of focus group questions for youth, caregivers, and staff. Intentionally designed, youth played a prominent role in providing input that is resulting in changes to programming that directly impacts them. Results of this study were presented to project leadership in conjunction with a facilitated planning session that explored opportunities for data-driven project expansion.  

Literacy Coalition of Madison County (2017-2018)

Hezel Associates partnered with the Literacy Coalition of Madison County to conduct three facilitated sessions to reflect on their mission and prioritize Coalition tasks. These three meetings are designed to give the Coalition a jump-start on additional strategic planning activities.

The first session led by Hezel Associates was designed to guide a discussion helping the Coalition refine their mission. Hezel Associates facilitators worked to help the Coalition define who they are, and gain a better understanding of the population they serve. At the end of this session, a new mission statement emerged, that was better aligned with their vision of the Coalition, and was used as the starting point for the next conversation. The second session was about prioritizing tasks of the Coalition, investigating how the organization uses its resources to most efficiently meet their mission. Finally, our third session was used to reflect on the first two sessions, and conduct capacity building to help the organization move forward, turning some of our insights into actionable plans.  

State University of New York - Landscape Analysis (2017)

As part of the TeachNY grant received by SUNY, Hezel Associates conducted a landscape analysis to identify teacher networks and explore ways in which representatives from those groups could be convened to discuss alignment of teacher leadership resources and priorities toward future collective statewide action. Hezel Associates was hired to support SUNY staff with data collection, analysis, and reporting activities. Findings were used to inform SUNY policies and proposals toward teacher support networks.   SUNY

To achieve this, Hezel Associates used an exploratory sequential design.. First, our team collaborated with SUNY to identify organizations that offer support to K-12 teachers in New York state, which resulted in a list. Next, our team developed an online questionnaire to solicit relevant information (e.g., content, methods of delivery, funding sources) from staff of organizations on the list. Lastly, informed by findings from the questionnaire, we developed a focus group protocol to obtain qualitative information from questionnaire respondents who attended the final convening in New York City. Hezel Associates analyzed these data, and subsequently produced summary reports aimed at supporting SUNY’s statewide strategy to K-12 teacher support networks.


Syracuse University - Capacity Building to Review PhD in Science Teaching (2017)

Hezel Associates facilitated three discussions to help Syracuse University’s College of Arts and Sciences revise their PhD program in College Science Teaching. Integral to our approach was guiding discussions to help illuminate the PhD program’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT).SyracuseUniversity

SWOT methodology was simply used as a framing for us to guide a discussion with Department staff. In part, the SWOT methodology was selected as it aligns with Hezel’s approach, that is, our jobs as consultants is to help guide – not dictate – how to clarify needs. Therefore, use of a series of facilitated discussions based on SWOT methodology positioned the Department to (a) showcase how the PhD program aligns with institutional-wide goals at the University and (b) suggest prospective solutions to improve collaborations across colleges.

Findings were presented in a 2x2 SWOT matrix and an informal, memo-style report. In addition, facilitators provided an in-person presentation of findings, which was action-oriented, and provided a review of collected data and materials discussed in the memo-style report. 

Le Moyne College Market Research Study (2017)

As part of its long term strategic planning, Le Moyne College (Le Moyne) was planning future academic offerings within its existing Purcell School of Professional Studies and College of Arts and Sciences. The college routinely seeks to grow and innovate its academic offerings within the Jesuit tradition. Because of location, pool of applicants, regional and local competition, regional labor market, as well as other market factors, Le Moyne seeks to assess those market conditions as they relate to seven specific new programs under consideration for launch during the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 school years. To that end, Le Moyne seeks to define the current local market supply and demand as well as the competitive landscape across the broader Upstate New York and general Northeast market.Lemoyne2

Hezel Associates has expertise in conducting market studies for a variety of collegiate institutions, and has designed a three-stage approach to help Le Moyne achieve their goals. Stage 1 finalized the project design and launch the project with the Le Moyne staff and personnel. In addition, researchers conducted exploratory research through interviews with key program faculty for each new academic offering. Further, Hezel Associates conducted secondary research on the current competitive landscape and expected job market for those new academic offerings. For Stage 2 of the study, Hezel Associates surveyed currently enrolled Le Moyne students and alumni on their interest in the new program offerings at Le Moyne. Finally, Stage 3 included a survey of prospective students within New York State on their level of interest in these new program offerings, as well as what institution they might want to attend for these programs.