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Hezel Associates has a range of experience working with diverse clients at the local, state, and national levels, and we are especially familiar with the unique dynamics of educational contexts. Whether your organization is a small school district, a private foundation, or a multi-state consortium of higher education institutions, our team will partner with you to determine the best approach to suit your evaluation, research, and planning needs.

Through our planning processes, we work with our clients to discuss and elaborate upon the goals and objectives for their work, project, or innovation, often using logic modeling to generate consensus understandings. Our team can then facilitate the coordination and collaboration among key stakeholders to provide data to support decision-making and advance organizational change. We are committed to working with our clients to identify and use the tools, processes, and resources to both initiate and support projects, as well as providing feedback and recommendations to inform our clients’ future efforts.

A partial list of our current and past clients is provided below. For more information on Hezel Associates’ clients and ongoing or previous projects, please contact us at 315-422-3512.

K-12 Education

 Higher Education

 Broadcasting & Publishing

Foundations & Civic Organizations