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Hezel Associates Hosts Online Information Session for America's Promise Grant Recipients

Hezel Associates will be hosting a one-hour online information session entitled Succeeding with Your America's Promise Grant on Thursday, March 30, 2017 at 2:00 pm Eastern. While third-party evaluation is not required by the grant, we believe that an evaluator's perspective can provide valuable insight into what makes a grant successful, and help recipients avoid many of the most common pitfalls in managing this type of grant. Specifically, the Hezel Associates team will offer guidance on:  

  • Strategies for effective grant start-up including hiring, staffing, reporting, and data collection, 
  • Building effective regional partnerships, and 
  • Embedding sustainability practices into the grant. 


Opening remarks: CEO, Kirk Knestis will share his thoughts on the importance of evaluation, as well as the expectations of the Department of Labor, with regard to workforce development programs

Project Start Up: Hezel Associates' Senior Research Analysts will discuss success strategies for getting  a grant started.  Using their work with a variety of workforce development grants, they will share experiences on managing data, staffing/hiring, building internal evaluation capacity, reporting, and working with a national evaluator. They will also discuss the challenges of transitioning from pre-award to post award.

Building Regional Partnerships: Regional partnerships are a key element of any successful workforce development grant.  Our panel of experts will show you how to build regional partnerships and develop effective strategies to work across sectors using shared vision and collaboration techniques. Case studies will be used to highlight noteworthy examples.

Sustainability: Drawing on experience with higher education clients whose post-grant funding for sustainablity of a program was in jeopardy, Senior Researchers will share their thoughts on how to incorporate the topic of program sustainability into evaluation activities, identify some of the common challenges that may occur, and offer potential solutions to those challenges. 

Q&A: The session will conclude with a question and answer period in which participants can share specific concerns or questions with the panel. 

The cost of the session is $49.00 and registration is open so sign up today!