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Hardy Website Honored By NILOA

The Academic Assessment website developed by Hezel Associates’ Senior Research Associate, Assunta Hardy, PhD in her previous role as Director at Dixie State University has been nationally recognized by NILOAthe National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA), and is currently featured on the NILOA website. 

The NILOA Featured Website is a service intended to point other institutions to promising practices in innovative and transparent online communication of student learning outcomes assessment. The selection criteria for determining a featured student learning outcomes assessment website include:

Communication. The website clearly presents information on student learning outcomes assessment and/or results to multiple or specific internal and/or external audiences using layperson’s language and contextualized examples. Information is found on multiple pages across the website, updated regularly and easy to access and navigate via links or search engines. In addition, the site provides explanation or examples of the use of student learning outcomes assessment.

Creativity. The website communicates information on student learning outcomes assessment and/or results in new and innovative ways including integration of multiple measures and use of alternative media such as videos, interactive graphs, or data displays.

Centralized Assessment Repository. The website stores or provides links to assessment information in one central location. To be considered, the site should include one or more of the NILOA Transparency Framework’s six components:
     • Student Learning Outcomes Statements
     • Assessment Plans
     • Assessment Resources
     • Current Assessment Activities
     • Evidence of Student Learning
     • Use of Student Learning Evidence

Dixie State University’s Academic Assessment website was chosen in the Communication and Centralized Assessment Repository category.

Well done, Assunta! Check out the NILOA announcement here: http://www.learningoutcomesassessment.org/FeaturedWebsiteCurrent.html