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Hezel Associates Partners with Graduate NYC! for College Access and Success Mapping Project

Graduate NYC!, an initiative to increase college readiness and success of students in the New York City area, plans to launch the NYC College Access & Success Mapping Project in the fall of 2016. This project will enable stakeholders to search an interactive website of services available in the NYC college access and success community. Hezel Associates and subcontracted partner, Carson Research Consulting (CRC), will collect data from providers of such services and develop a searchable web data system, which will include mapping as a data output feature. Hezel Associates will develop and administer an online questionnaire to obtain data for the web-based system. CRC will use these data to design and build a database, organizing opportunities by region and other factors of interest to stakeholders. The team will also build the user interface to facilitate visualization of the data. The final product will enable Graduate NYC! to release a comprehensive, searchable directory of services, to support student college readiness, matriculation, and degree attainment in the spring of 2016.

Click here to learn more: http://tiny.cc/ersb7x