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Hezel Associates Adds to its US DOL TAACCCT Portfolio

In addition to the evaluations for Rounds I, II, and III, Hezel Associates has been selected as the external evaluator for Delaware Technical Community College’s (www.dtcc.edu) US DOL TAACCCT Round IV grant. Delaware Tech received $2,394,110 in Federal funding for round 4. Over a four-year period, Hezel Associates will conduct all evaluation activities associated with the grant, addressing the development, implementation, and impact of the Round IV grant activities.

Its eleventh US DOL TAACCCT evaluation, Hezel Associates is conducting a concurrent embedded mixed-methods study in order to answer the program’s research questions. Researchers will gather data using annual reviews of program documentation; interviews with key program staff, industry partners, and program participants; and review of extant data prepared by the college and Delaware State Department of Labor. In order to assess the impact of the project on performance measures, Hezel Associates is using a quasi-experimental, matched participant design using propensity score matching to identify a comparison group for the programs of study.

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