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EERS Board Member and Hezel Associates' CEO Knestis Featured on AEA Blog

Hezel Associates' CEO Kirk Knestis has always been an active member in the evaluation industry. In addition to attending numerous Eastern Evaluation Research Society (EERS) (www.eers.org) conferences, Knestis has recently increased his involvement with the organization by becoming an official Board Member and Communications Chair. The American Evaluation Association (AEA) (www.aea.org) is celebrating EERS Affiliate Week on their blog, AEA365: A Tip-a-Day by and for Evaluators, by highlighting EERS members. The daily blog is dedicated to highlighting Hot Tips, Cool Tricks, Rad Resources, and Lessons Learned for evaluators.

Dr. Knestis' post discusses the difference between a "research partner" and an "external evaluator." Read more at the link provided to know the distinction.