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Current Projects

EdAdvance STEM + C Research Partnership (2017-2020)

EdAdvance received a National Science Foundation STEM + Computing Partnerships (STEM+C) grant to integrate newly developed, digital computer science learning modules into existing science courses. These reingeengineered courses will develop and advance students’ computing competencies and skills using a challenge-based learning model, an intervention named STEM21+CS. Further, the project will produce a replicable instructional model for integrating computing and computational thinking across secondary STEM courses of study.edadvance

Hezel Associates has been engaged as a research partner to investigate the approaches and conditions that support the integration of computing skills into core science content. More specifically, employing a quasi-experimental research design, Hezel Associates will examine (a) the impact of STEM21+CS on students’ 1) STEM and computing self-efficacy; 2) STEM and CS career and education interest; 3) computing skills; and 4) 21st century inquiry skills; (b) how features of STEM21+CS, and integrated PD components, engage teachers in the delivery of coursework; and (c) students and teachers’ reactions to obstacles that arise during innovation challenge project (ICP) development. In addition to these research efforts, Hezel Associates will oversee the project’s summative evaluation activities, assessing if the proposed intervention methods are effective in producing intended outcomes.