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Current Projects

Syracuse University’s NSF IUSE Evaluation (2017-2019)

Syracuse University’s (SU) School of Education received grant funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to develop and test the Elementary Science Simulations to Advance Undergraduate Elementary Teacher Preparation (ELEM-SIM) project. Specifically, SU is implementing clinical simulations in hopes of improving future teachers’ preparation to teach science by filling the coursework-to-practice gap. Hezel Associates was hired to evaluate the implementation and outcomes of research and development (R&D) activities of SU’s ELEM-SIM project. SyracuseUniversityThis study is intended to examine the quality of the ELEM-SIM implementation, as well as the intellectual merit of the R&D and potential broader impacts.

To assess this process, evaluators will conduct interviews with project staff and review organizational documentation to determine fidelity of implementation, while invoking the Common Guidelines for Education Research and Development to assess R&D activities of the project team. These data will be analyzed separately and then compared and contrasted to give an overall picture of the implementation of the ELEM-SIM program. Evaluators will provide program staff with two formative data summaries to allow staff to make improvements to the project. At the end of the grant period, a final summative memo detailing evaluation findings will be provided to SU.