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Current Projects

College of Mount Saint Vincent Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program (2017-2019)

The College of Mount Saint Vincent (CMSV), a private nonprofit institution of higher education located in Bronx, NY, serves an inclusive and diverse population of talented and ambitious undergraduate students. CMSV meets the U.S. Department of Education’s designations as a Minority Serving Institution (MSI) and Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). As a MSI and HSI, CMSV applied for and received funding to implement the Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program (MSEIP), which seeks to address the lack of women and minorities in the science, technology, CMSVengineering, and math (STEM) fields. Through the addition of recitation hours, a STEM advisor, faculty research opportuinites, and STEM internships, CMSV hopes to see an increase in the number of students retained in STEM undergraduate programs, an increase in student GPAs in STEM courses, and an increase in the number of students applying to graduate programs or employed in STEM fields. Hezel Associates has been hired to evaluate the implementation of MSEIP program activities.

Hezel Associates will focus on the implementation of program activities as proposed as well as impact on intended student outcomes of engagement, perceptions of self-efficacy, and retention in the STEM field through employment or advanced degree study. The quality of implementation and impact will be assessed using a mixed methods approach, through (a) a student questionnaire to understand student perceptions about STEM courses; (b) data collected through review of program documentation; (c) interviews to understand implementation activities; and (d) an examination of existing student data such as retention, GPA, and selection of college major. These data will be analyzed separately and then compared and contrasted to give and overall picture of the program findings. Through brief, informal data sumamries, CMSV will be able to make informed decisions about program improvements. A final, comprehensive report will consider all findings in totality to answer the study’s research questions.