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Current Projects

Piedmont Virginia Community College Fund for Excellence and Innovation Project (2017-2018)

Hezel Associates is currently serving as evaluator for Piedmont Valley Community College’s (PVCC) Fund for Excellence and Innovation project. Based on the SCHEV Guidelines for the Affordable Pathways Partnership Grant, and a logic model developed in partnership with PVCC, Hezel Associates has designed a mixed method approach to assess (a) implementation of grant-funded processes, considering both quantity and quality measures; and (b) outcomes of those efforts, both proximal and more distal to grant-funded activities.pvcc

Processes will be measured through a combination of (a) telephone interviews of PVCC and partner project staff members; (b) review of project documents and other artifacts of proposed activities (e.g., partnership building and curriculum development); and (c) content analysis of selected DACUM-developed curriculum materials. Outcomes will be assessed through analyses of (a) institutional data (e.g., enrollment records), and (b) results of a student questionnaire to be completed online by program participants in the Spring of 2018. Evaluation of the broader impact of the project will consider not only student outcomes (e.g., improved access to and completion of program offerings) but will also explore institutional changes resulting from the SCHEV-funded effort. This will be accomplished through an additional round of telephone interviews of key PVCC and partner staff members not directly involved in Fund for Excellence and Innovation activities.

Development of protocols and instrumentation to be applied to data collection will be informed by our recent experience evaluating U.S. Department of Labor Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) projects, and our evaluations of other workforce development projects in the Commonwealth of Virginia—the Kresge/Gates Jobs for the Future State-Level Student Success Center, and 5-school VCCS credit for prior learning and mentorship pilot programs funded under the DOL Virginia Veterans Services Demonstration program. Hezel Associates will provide PVCC with two annual data summaries, providing formative and summative feedback on grant progress and impact on stakeholders.