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Current Projects

Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville NSF IUSE Evaluation (2016-2019)

EarthCaching for Pre-Service Tachers: Examining Attitudes and Intentions Towards Informal Science Learning

In June 2016, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) received grant funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF)  to develop and test an EarthCaching-based geoscience curriculum for science content taught to undergraduate education majors. Hezel Associates was hired to evaluate the implementation of the EathCaching project and the research and development activities of the project team. A qualitative evaluation was designed to monitor program implementation, assess the project’s effectivensiueess, and provide data-driven feedback to the client. The goal of this evaluation is to assess the intellectual merit of SIUE’s research and development activities as well as the broader impacts achieved by the project.

To achieve the goals of the evaluation, Hezel Associates researchers will collect data from program records and interviews with project staff. Program records will be reviewed against the project timeline and work plan, and interview data (collected annually) will be analyzed using an emergent scheme to identify themes . Researchers will provide program staff with two formative data summaries each year to allow staff to make improvements to the project. At the end of the grant period, a final summative report detailing all evaluation findings will be provided to SIUE.